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about germany, facts about germany

About Germany, facts about Germany

What should you know about Germany?

There's more than bratwurst and beer in Europe's most populous country - Germany is about culture. Museums, churches and palaces belong to its treasures, as well as architectural highlights, being world heritages. While young tourists come here to experience the legendary nightlife, others love the food and wine, which can be best enjoyed on a gourmet trip through astonishing nature. Find out more about Germany here in this section about Germany

History of Germany

Read history facts about Germany. Germany's history reaches more than 2000 years back but is dominated by two world wars. The consequences of division into east and west and reunion in 1990 are still present and much discussed.

Travel Information & Facts about Germany

Looking for important and interesting facts about Germany? You want information about accommodations, climate, currency, driving, money, language and much more? Once you're here, well organised tourist services will do they're best.

Nature in Germany

German landscapes are extraordinarily diverse and stunning. From majestic mountains in the south to lonesome lakelands in the north - everywhere are relics of the iceage 18000 years ago.

Culture facts about Germany

Retrace the steps of great minds like Goethe, Einstein or Marx in the 'land of poets and thinkers'. Or just dive into the classic german music world in one of the countless theaters and operas.


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