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Tips & Facts

  • First stop in the Bavarian Forest National Park should be at one of the visitor centers for maps and further information
  • The climate in Bavarian Forest is quite variable - always pack for every weather eventuality
  • Camping and RV parking is only allowed in the designated campsites.
  • Free buses run frequently between the most important information points in the Bavarian Forest

Meet the giants in the forest's wilderness

Giant trees in the Bavarian Forest National Park
The Giant trees in the Bavarian Forest National Park. You can find them at the Watzlik-Hain trail

The Bavarian Forest in Germany is a realm, where not man, but nature rules. Being the country's first founded National Park it belongs to the most visited vacation areas. Together with the Sumava (Bohemian Forest of Czech Republic) National Park, adjoining it to the east, the Bavarian Forest National Park is the largest contiguous area of protected forest in central Europe, where nature has been left completely to its own devices. Here you can experience the fascination of 'letting nature be nature'. Each year, thousands of visitors cycle and wander in amazement through the Forest and breath Germany's cleanest air in the boundless wilderness.

Bavarian Forest - highlights & attractions

Bavarian Forest National Park, wildife enclosure
Bisons in the Bavarian Forest National Park vivarium

The National Park is full of special adventure trails revealing many nature experiences. For example the Watzlik-Hain trail taking you through the last vestiges of pristine mixed woodlands and mountain forests with ancient fir-trees, pines and beech-trees reaching up to more than 50 m hight. It is home to the lynx and fox, deer and wild boar, otter and badger, as well as 50 species of woodland birds, which can be best observed in the wildlife enclosure.

But the region around has got much more for everyone's taste. Enjoy farm holidays with your whole family in tiny villages, join riding tours through romantic scenery or just spend a relaxing day playing golf. As the 'Glass road' (themed road) passes the region, it is famous for artistic glass blowers and painters, so you won't go home without a nice handmade gift. Cities like Frauenau or Zwiesel, just nearby, have great glass museums and shops offering extraordinary fine art pieces.

Accommodation - Bavarian Forest

Besides private offerings of holiday flats and nice hotels there are lots of comfortable mountain huts offer delicious food and accomodation for overnight stays (with advanced reservation).

Little towns like Zwiesel, Frauenau or Spiegelau are within easy driving distance. All provide a full range of accommodation from campsites to luxury wellness hotels.

  • Accommodation
  • Key activities

    With over 300 km of walking and hiking trails, 200 km of cycle paths and some nordic walking routes it is a paradise for sport enthusiasts. Nature lovers should join one of the ranger guided tours, they are all for free.


    • Watzlik-Hain trail: leads through the primeval forest with the giant trees to the hut "Schwellhäusl" with playground and animals

    • Schachten & Filze trail: 2,5 km along former mountain pastures and high moorland on the upper levels of the forest

    • Seelensteig (meditation trail): 1,3 km plank path illustrating natural processes in the National Park

    • Rock exploration area: a rocky mountain hiking loop through ancient forest with steps cut into the rocks and lookout points

    Family activities:

    • wildlife enclosure: 7 km path around the enclosure provides good observation points for watching bisons, birds, wild boars and bears, lynx and wolves

    • adventure place: game and nature experience for children and the whole family - playgrounds, barbecue places, lots of events in the Bavarian Forest Germany

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    Restaurant in the Bavarian Forest National Park
    Bavarian styled restaurant, where you can get your german beer in the Bavarian Forest National Park

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