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  • Parks and castles of Berlin Germany and Potsdam were together subscribed to the World Heritages in 1990
  • Sights Berlin Germany: Tours should include the Cathedral (Berliner Dom), one of the largest Protestant churches in Germany
  • Facts: 150 theatres, 170 museums and three operas belong to the cultural highlights
  • A magnet for visitors is the TV Tower 'Fernsehturm' (365m tall) which has a rotating restaurant on top and offers a great view over Berlin
  • Berlin tourist information is located at the central station

World Heritage city Berlin - discover museums, castles and many more sights

Berlin in Germany is packed with endless sights, the German capital is the country's largest metropolis. As a center of politics and culture Berlin belongs to the most important and vibrant European cities.

Potsdamer Platz Berlin Germany

Berlin Germany, Potsdamer Platz: move the mouse over the photo to enlarge it

Not only amazing museums, bold new architecture and stately palaces make the capital so impressing and its history could not be more dramatic. Major milestones after the 2nd World War were the division into four occupation zones and the rise of the Berlin Wall built in 1961, which separated West Berlin from East Berlin until the German Unification in 1990.

Fans of history and art should not miss the huge Museum Island (Museumsinsel), which is a highlight tourists are heading for. That museum complex of five museums was added to the German World Heritage list in 1999 and is situated on an island in the heart of town. Berlin Mitte (Berlin city center) is the city's historic core and comes up with the most famous landmarks, including the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, Unter den Linden Boulevard, Potsdamer Platz and the Alexanderplatz with the TV Tower.

Interesting districts of Berlin Germany:


    Things to do in Berlin: Visit the Museumsinsel, which belongs to the World Heritage and top sights.

  • Although the must-see things concentrate in Mitte, each of the 12 districts has its own appeal.
  • The Jewish Museum and Checkpoint Charlie in Kreuzberg are some of the most taken pictures of Berlin, Germany
  • Schloss Charlottenburg also ranks high on the list of major attractions, while the charm of Prenzlauer Berg and Schöneberg lie mostly in their relaxed, leafy streets and laid-back nightlife.
  • Of the outer districts, Zehlendorf is an attractive one - home of fabulous museums, lush parks and lakes offering all kinds of recreation options.
  • Day trip Berlin: take urban railway S-Bahn S7 for 45min and vistit the breath taking castles of Potsdam and have a look at the beautiful city; you can find Potsdam here at GermanPlaces in the link list of Berlin Germany.

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Day trip Berlin Germany: visit Potsdam Sanssouci Castle, which is the next World Heritage. 45 minutes away by car or urban railway S-Bahn S7.

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