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"Dear GermanPlaces,

First of all, congratulations for your great and useful website I have just visited your site and I really appreciate the efforts you have put in your Website.

Marlisse, USA

"Hello GermanPlaces,

I think it’s great that GermanPlaces exists - every time I get homesick I look at your page.
I moved to Dubai in May and sometimes it is nice to see familiar pictures and to be able to enjoy Germany’s nature- despite the extraordinary city over here.
GermanPlaces is cool, the pictures fantastic and the information on Germany increase my homesickness even more! ;-)

Keep going! I’m a regular visitor of your site."

Many sunny desert-wishes from Katrin Murr, Dubai

"Hello GermanPlaces Company,

WOW! Your website is really fantastic!! I'm so impressed! Congratulations!
I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it. The photos are wonderful, and the writing is very good, too!

What a wonderful thing to give back to your country!"

Marissa Krupa, San Francisco - California, USA


I accidentally stumbled over your web page. GermanPlaces is so cool! I will forward your page to some friends of ours from Columbia right away as they ask: “What should we do in Germany for two whole weeks?” Due to your website they can get an own impression and maybe they become more enthusiastic to visit Germany that way! ;-)"

Nina Zitzmann

„Respect! GermanPlaces is a high-end website with brilliant pictures, relaxingly short texts and an affiliated wiki for communicative people. All that without those advertisements bothering you elsewhere.
Please go on with your work!”

Carsten Höger, Senior Software Engineer OpenXchange Inc.

“Your page is unique - here Germany is presented with its nature, culture and architecture from a completely new perspective. Free from clichés, straight to point and amazingly multi-faceted. GermanPlaces: That is Germany the way it should be presented!”

Wiebke Renken

„Thanks a lot for that beautiful window to Germany! Keep going!”

Thomas aus Leipzig

„From my point of view GermanPlaces is a new kind of portal for tourism in Germany, bringing fun and making me come back! It is the first time you really get an appetite, attracts people and makes more of them discover Germany! GermanPlaces reaches a new quality, clarity and outstanding usability without disturbing advertisement.”

Mike Hager, Director Software Development Novell Inc.

"Hello, I happened to find myself on your page and I was „flattened“- it is so comprehensive and technically as well as optically perfect! Great pictures throughout Germany, pleasantly readable as well as professional texts in two languages that are prepared didactically and optically perfect for a web presentation.!
Damn great, that’s what I call real service to the German tourism. Hats off!”

Jürgen Kirchner, Communication Designer (AGD) - Hamburg

„Vielen Dank für diese Seite. Es ist das erste Mal, dass ich mein Heimatland in solch wunderbaren Bildern sehe!“

Sebastian Räuber from Rosbach

„This page is really great and the colors unique! The motives are just smashing!
It was simply pure fun, to rediscover familiar things from my childhood. You immediately get a little sentimental and want to return home at once.”

Regina Beermann

„The pictures are just unique. A dream! Respect for the beauty and clarity of your website.”

Annett Walter

„I have looked at GermanPlaces and I am very impressed by the information you make available.“

Brad Bowerman, Geography World USA

„Congratulation GermanPlaces! Your page is easy to handle, short comprehensive information on cities and topics: You managed to create a website that’s really suitable for daily use! Not to mention the super photos …”

Dirk Spilker, G+H ISOLIERUNG GmbH Ludwigshafen

„This page is great for Germany travellers! The photos and descriptions are first class, the design nicely clear in structure!“

Niels Höllger, Leipzig

„Hello, I just stumbled over GermanPlaces, extraordinarily good work! One of the best pages I found myself on!”

Florian Bailey, Ideas Online Erlangen

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Nationalparks Deutschland Westerhever
National Park Schleswig - Hollsteinisches Wattenmeer. On landmark of this National Park the lighthouse in Westerhever.

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