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Culture of Germany

Many Faces of German Culture

German culture is grown over the centuries and is extraordinary chameleonic and makes the country a popular year-round destination.

No matter what kind of entertainment you love, you'll definitely have a great time. The repertoire of possible activities is endless, but there are highlights like Octoberfest, wine and rock festivals, christmas markets or medieval spectacles that you shouldn't miss these parts.

Fans of classic will be impressed by magnificent opera houses or the special atmosphere of open air performances as well as museums attract people of all ages offering exhibitions about history, dinosaurs or toys and often involve visitors in action.

However, after a nice time full of fun and action, it's always a good idea to enjoy pure german culture - look for a nice place in a beergarden or cosy cafe and relax with a good book - in the land of poets, thinkers and philosophers.

Classical Entertainment

Theaters and opera houses give performances as classical concerts, operas, ballets, plays and ballets in almost every city. Look forward to experiencing masterpieces of the famous Germans Beethoven, Bach, Handel and Wagner!

Music Scene

Germany's music scene lives from a vibrant night life in clubs and lounges, is home of techno and artists like DJ Paul Van Dyk or the band Rammstein. Jazz festivals and the Loveparade are magnets for the world. Checkout the modern music culture in Germany.

Museums and Galleries

Countless museums for young and old, exhibitions and galleries have spread all over the country and lead their visitors in the world of arts, inventions, history offering a lot of entertainment.

Poets and Thinkers

Germany's literature comprises not only classics as Goethe and Schiller - think also of Nobel Prize winners like: Hesse, Mann, Grass, Boell and other famous thinkers and writers like Brecht, Marx and Nietzsche, who achieved international fame with critical and philosophical works.



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