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Erfurt Germany - the City of Flowers

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  • Tourist information is located at Benediktsplatz 1 in Erfurt Germany
  • To the attractions of Erfurt belongs the Kaisersaal, where Napoleon invited to the Kongress of Princes in 1808
  • No matter what activities are planned, everywhere you'll find the food specialities Thuringian Bratwurst (sausages) and Klöse (dumplings)
  • Sights around Erfurt: Hiking in nature park Thuringian Forest, day trips to three castles 'Drei Gleichen'
  • World Heritage attractions nearby: destinations for day trips are Weimar and Eisenach with the Wartburg

Attractions of Erfurt - beautiful Old Town with cathedral

The attractions of Erfurt are really manyfold and make that more than 1260 years old Capital of Thuringia to one of the nicest cities of the country.
The heart of the city with about 200.000 inhabitants is the lovely restored and well preserved medieval Old Town, which can be conveniently discovered by foot through its pedestrian zone.

An impressive mixture of narrow winding lanes, half timbered houses, pompous houses plus those many churches make up the charme of Erfurt's city center, which is overtopped by the cathedral.

Pictures Erfurt cathedral

One of the most taken pictures of Erfurt -
the cathedral belongs to the attractions

At the Dom square you find an unique ensemble consisting of St. Marien Cathedral and church Severi, which is the landmark of Erfurt. Impressed by that majestic appearance nobody would hesitate to climb up the 70 stairs to the portal of the cathedral to see its interior.
It reminds on the Middle ages, when the town grew up to an important and rhich commercial town.

Erfurt Germany, Martin Luther

Martin Luther entered the convent in Erfurt Germany, became a monk and was ordained as a priest

That time Martin Luther was the most prominent personality, after his studies at the Erfurt university he entered the convent Augustinerkloster as a monk and later was ordained as a priest.

Just nearby is the bridge 'Krämerbrücke', one of the most astonishing attractions in Erfurt. The 120 m long bridge (12th century) is the longest bridge with inhabited buildings north of the Alps and connects the market Fischmarkt with the market Wenigemarkt, which is respectable as well. Here the 'Krämerbrückenfest' takes place annually - a medieval festival elating thousands of visitors with music, performances, sales of regional food and specialities.

Once you are here visiting the ega is a must. The ega (horticulture exhibition of Erfurt) has been drawing people from all over the world for decades. With colorful flowers art and exhibitions of plants it is a tribute to the name of Erfurt as 'City of flowers'.

Erfurt Germany: Ideas and day trips and information on attractions of Erfurt

Pictures Erfurt Breiter Herd

On the market Fischmarkt: the house "Zum breiten Herd" is one of the attractions. Have a closer look at the many details of the house in the slideshow at the right side

  • Just nearby the beautiful square Anger is the Fischmarkt. Besides the gothic town hall there are more stately houses - 'Haus zum roten Ochsen' and the complex of Gildehaus with 'Haus zum breiten Herd', with its unique renaissance facade
  • To the popular attractions of Erfurt belongs the Andreasviertel, a cosy Old Town quarter full with pubs, good restaurants and beer gardens. Here is the convent Augustinerkloster, where Luther lived as a monk. Nowadays that historical site can be visited on guided tours.
  • attractions Erfurt, ega

    The ega in Erfurt is a wunderful, huge garden with a big playground and halls for exhibitions. It is recommended for a day trip

  • St. Marien Cathedral and church Severi - home of 'Gloriosa', the world's biggest and free hanging bell (diameter=2,57m; 11450kg) as well as precious art treasures. Also visit the opposite citadel Petersberg for a great view over Erfurt. Tip: guided tours through the catacombs beneath that baroque city fortress.
  • Day trips with children: Make a day trip to the big Zoo or spend a relaxing day at the ega. The Japanese Garden, the tropical house, the observatory etc. can be visited while your kids can play on the huge adventurous outdoor ground.
  • day trip Erfurt - Wartburg

    The World Heritage Wartburg castle near Eisenach is a nice day trip from Erfurt. Here Martin Luther translated the bible.

  • Day trips from Erfurt Germany: An idea for fans of Goethe and Schiller is a day trip to the city Weimar (only 20 km from the attractions of Erfurt away), where is lots to see besides the Goethe House. Also interesting is the Wartburg Castle near Eisenach (45 min by car) where Luther translated the bible.

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Pictures Erfurt

Pictures Erfurt

Citadel Petersberg in Erfurt - the former fortress nearby the cathedral

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