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Culinary Delights beyond Bratwurst and Sauerkraut

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Traveling through Germany you will quickly notice that the food changes as much as the landscape itself. Every region has got its own specialties that encompass a wide variety of seafood, poultry, vegetable and meat and of course cakes in all styles. Beside the traditional way of cooking, which is mostly very substantial, healthy and balanced diet is capturing German kitchens. From the Baltic Sea to the Alps you get the taste of 300 kinds of bread, a wide assortment of specialty cheeses and other dairy products. But big happenings like the Octoberfest or christmas markets let forget all about it. Here are Bratwurst (fried sausage), Haxn (pork hocks), Leberkäs (liver cheese) or Lebkuchen (gingerbread) and many other tidbits a must.


Beer loving Nation

What was Germany without beer? It's king of drinks and is brewed in about 1500 breweries. Beer is not just something to drink in Germany, it's a part of culture. Being number one of German beergardens it has worldwide a great reputation regarding quality and taste.

Delicious Wines

Wine making has got an old tradition in Germany. Learn more about the thirteen wine regions, their customs and festivals, the variety of grapes and where wine lovers should stop by necessarily. Wine is gaining more and more popularity not only in Germany, but especially abroad. Did you know, that the grape Riesling is in such a great demand that it became number one of German wine exports?


Regional Cuisine

Discover the modern german cuisine which is influenced by the light mediterranean way of cooking as well as traditional regional specialties, which are delicious and distinctive.

What you should know

Typical daily habits of Germans like having breakfast, behaving in restaurants, what kind of fast food they do prefer and much more - it's very useful and quite amusing, especially for people from abroad to read about the habits around German food.


German Food & Drink

German bread

German food
More than 300 types of bread make Germany very special. "Brot" is a fundamental part of German food. You will find a "Bäckerei" (bakery) at any street corner. "German bread" is known in many countries and sometimes you can buy it as a specialty outside of Germany. German bread means, that the bread is darker and any kinds are baked with wholemeal, that makes the bread very tastefully.
Our tip: Taste the "German Bread" with delicious German sausage and cheese.