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Fussen Germany - the End of Romantic Road in Bavaria

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  • Tourist information: Kaiser-Maximilian-Platz 1, Fussen Germany
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  • Fussen travel to waterfall: drive B17 from in direction Austrian border
  • Tickets castle Neuschwanstein & Fussen castle Hohenschwangau: Ticket Center in Hohenschwangau near Fussen
  • Travel to Fussen Neuschwanstein: drive 20 km from Autobahn A7 to city of Hohenschwangau, there is a big parking place
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Beautiful Old Town and Fussen castles

Fussen is embedded in the Allgäu mountains and is surrounded by lakes, which makes it to one of the most desired destinations for thousands of tourists.

Fussen Castle Neuschwanstein

If you come to Fussen Germany you should visit the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle nearby

The little town is the end of Romantic Road and only a stone's throw away from Neuschwanstein, the world famous fairy tale castle. But there is much more beside that to discover.
Visit the landmark of Fussen, the castle 'Hohes Schloss' (high castle), which is overlooking the Old Town from a rock high above.

Or just go on a nice walking tour through the city, passing nice houses, churches and a monastery. You should plan enough time for exploring the nature around. There are three beautiful lakes - lake Forggensee, lake Hopfensee and lake Weissensee.

Fussen Castle

The Fussen castle in the city center, near marketplace, it is one of the most taken photos.

What makes the Fussen so popular is the castle 'Hohenschwangau Castle' in the neighbouring town Hohenschwangau, where King Ludwig the 2nd spent parts of his childhood. The other castle Neuschwanstein just nearby is the most famous one - it was designed and planned by Ludwig himself, but was not finished till his death.

Fussen Germany: Information on the castles and more attractions around Fussen

    attractions Fussen, Convent

    Photos Fussen: convent Franciscus, a place of silence, near end of the Romantic Road

  • Churches: Worth seeing is the baroque basilica St. Mang at Magnusplatz, the holy spirit church hospital with its rococo facade, church St. Nicolaus and the monastery Franciscus (Franziskanerkloster) with church St. Stephan, from where you have a nice view over the city.
  • Fussen with kids: Enjoy the stunning panorama and view over the castle Neuschwanstein on a cruise over the 12 km long lake Forggensee at the Königswinkel (King's Nook), hike around lake Weissensee (2h) or just relax at lake Hopfensee, a real leisure paradise for kids because of smooth shores and great offerings for activities.
  • Lech Fall

    One attraction of Fussen Germany is the Lechfall, the water fall of Lech river

  • Lech waterfall (Lechfall) near Fussen Germany: besides the Fussen castle that amazing natural spectacle belongs to the attractions of Fussen Germany. Here the water of the river Lech plunges down thunderous and enters the narrow Lech gorge (Lechschlucht), which the Lech has been cut into the rocks over thousands of years.
  • Day trips Fussen: Castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau can only be seen on guided tours. More information and tickets for both castles you can only get at the Ticket-Center in the little city of Hohenschwangau.
  • day trip Fussen, Munich Germany

    Day trip Fussen: Our tip for a day trip from Fussen is the metropolis Munich, a wonderful target for your Fussen travel and 1.5 hours away.

  • Day trips from Fussen Germany: Munich would be a good idea for a day trip (130 km). Or follow the Alpine Road to the Berchtesgaden National Park - from Fussen you travel about 3 hours.

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Photos Fussen

Photos Fussen

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