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  • Tourist information: at central station - get more information on Heidelberg Germany
  • attractions Heidelberg: enjoy the Castle fireworks in Jul and Sep
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  • think about a boat trip through Neckar valley to Hirschhorn Castle
  • visit the Grand Prix Hockenheim race track, just 23 km away
  • Travel to Speyer, a nice World Heritage town 23 km away

Attractions of Heidelberg - from Old Town to Heidelberg Castle above the Neckar

Without any doubt its castle is one of the most famous attractions of Heidelberg but there is much more to explore.
The city is stretching romantically along the Neckar River and has always been inspired artists and poets such as Goethe and Mark Twain, who began in 1878 his European travels with a three months stay here. But what makes it so popular, especially for tourists from USA and Japan, even taking pictures of souvenir shops and the market life?

 castle view, Heidelberg Germany

Things to do in Heidelberg Germany: Visit the castle, which is is beautifully situated above Neckar River.

It's all about the flair - the pedestrian zone, one of the longest in Europe (1.6 km), leads through the baroque Old Town. Here you find the major attractions of Heidelberg such as the oldest university of Germany with the amazing Old Assembly Hall (Aula). With a student population of 30.000 out of 144.000 inhabitants that town has a huge pub crawl.

Did you know, that here are about 15.000 US Americans at home because the NATO and some Army headquarters are stationed here? It is said, that the plans for that were made before end of World War II and the reason to prevent the city center and Heidelberg Castle from bombs.

Castle Heidelberg Germany

The Heidelberg Castle is partially a ruin and can be visited on guided tours.

The imposing ruin at mount Königstuhl looks back on a dramatic history. The former residence of Palatine rulers was destroyed and rebuilt several times.

In the 17th century French troops devastated it completely. Nowadays you can either take the funicular railway (Bergbahn) from the Kornmarkt station or walk up the steep Burgweg (10 min) to reach the Castle and enjoy the great view.

Heidelberg Germany: Ideas for attractions in and around Heidelberg

    attractions Heidelberg, big Vat
    Attractions Heidelberg: The famous "Great Vat" can bee seen in the castle. It has space for 200.000 liters of wine
  • Heidelberg Castle: See the Friedrichsbau with the living rooms, the Frauenzimmerbau with the King's Hall, the Knight's Hall and the famous Great Vat, capable for 200.000L wine. The terrace of the nice castle garden offers superb views.
  • University: Have a look into the former student's jail (Studentenkarzer) on the back side of Old University. The room's walls are full of inscriptions and drawings.
  • Heidelberg Germany, Old Bridge

    On your sightseeing tour you will pass the gate to the Old Bridge of Heidelberg Germany .

  • Day trips: Opposite the Old Town the Philosopher's Walk leads through wineyards along the hill Heiligenberg. On a stroll you can take great photos of attractions and lets you discover bamboo, fig and lemon trees or palms, prospering here in the mild climate.
  • Sights: Head from Bismarckplatz to market place where the Town Hall and church Heiliggeistkirche are. From here you come to the Old Bridge (Karl-Theodor-Brücke). Find the monkey statue at the gate - touch the mirror: for wealth, the mice: for many children, the fingers: return to Heidelberg.
  • day trip Heidelberg, Frankfurt

    1 hour away, the metropolis Frankfurt Main with the modern skyline - a contrast program to Heidelberg.

  • Day trips: Take some time to visit the medieval town of Rothenburg. Or choose Frankfurt, which is one hour away from Heidelberg Germany.

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Photos Heidelberg

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