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Moving history of Germany: Travelling through the country you'll get in touch with an over 2000 years old German history. Preserved ruins, old cities and hundreds of museums abduct you in a thrilling past of feudalism, unification, fascism, occupation, division, reunification and show you the history of Germany. Many of those incidents formed not only this country but also influenced the whole world.

Germany is the homeland of great personalities and the initial point, where manjor inventions and new ideas were developed.

Gutenberg invented the printing press, Luther started with his theses the reformation of church, Einstein published his theory of relativity and the philosopher Marx developed the communist theory - all those are examples for an enormous impact on history wide spread over the German borders.

Early History of Germany until Early Middle Ages

Learn more about those exciting times when Germanic tribes clashed with Romans, the Limes and cities like Mainz and Trier were built, up to the era of the Frankish Reich.

Middle Ages to German Union

From the Holy Roman Empire in the Middle Ages till the unification in 1871, the time was dominated by religious conflicts and terrible wars.

The Empire up until 1945

Life in Germany changed drastically after the end of Monarchy, when the Nazis gained more and more power and the darkest chapter of the history of Germany began.

History of East & West Germany

Read about that dramatic time when the country was divided and the revolution led to the fall of the wall. That influenced German history extremely.



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