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Lake Königssee in Berchtesgaden National Park

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  • Cruise lake Königssee Berchtesgaden: stops are Schönau, St. Bartholomä, Salet, Kessel
  • Königssee Germany: a cruise to St.Bartholomä takes about 35min
  • Make a day trip from Königssee to Salzburg in Austria (20km)
  • For pure action book a bob race in the ice canal in Schönau info office at Königssee Germany

Königssee in Germany - Vacation in the Bavarian Alps

Lake Königssee, Germany's cleanest and highest lake (at 603m) is situated in the heart of the Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria. Being 190m deep and ca. eight kilometres long the Königssee is framed by impressing mountains like the mount Watzmann (2nd highest in Bavaria).

  Königssee Berchtesgaden Germany
The Königssee in Germany is the most impressive fjord like lake in the country
You can explore the Königssee on board of an electric boat or even walk across the lake in very cold winters - when marked paths guide you on the ice of the frozen water to St.Bartolomä. Lake Königssee draws people from all over the world to Bavaria and is starting point for most tourist activities.

  • Arrival: You come from Berchtesgaden to the little city Schönau, where the boat cruises start over the Königssee. In Schönau are enough and very big parking lots.

  • Depending on weather and rush the queue time for boat cruises over the lake takes 15 min up to 1,5 hours sometimes (but it is worth waiting for those fantastic cruises anyway)

  • Cross lake Königssee by an electric boat and listen to the trumpet solo played by the guide torwards the mountains to demonstrate the amazing echo. Get off at St.Bartholomä to visit the church and the nearby Beergarden for a lunch called Brotzeit in Bavaria.

  • One of the most famous hikes goes from St.Bartholomä (1,5 hours) to the Eiskapelle (ice cave, which cannot be entered) formed by glacier water. It's worth hiking there as the views and the landscape are amazing - typically Bavaria.

  • Make a trip to the Malerwinkel to get a great view over lake Königssee. The easy to walk loop (3,5km) starts at the big parking site of Königssee in Berchtesgaden National Park and takes about 45 min to walk.

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Pictures Königssee

Pictures Koenigssee
In the middle of lake Königssee near Berchtesgaden : St. Bartolomä - o nly reachable by boat

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  Königssee Germany Map