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  • Tourist information: Katharinenstr.8, 04109 Leipzig Germany
  • One of the attractions of Leipzig is the Gohlis Castle, another one is Colditz Castle
  • Pictures of Leipzig: If you want to see more impressions just click on "PLAY" on the right side
  • University: it is the second oldest university of Germany (founded in 1409) after Heidelberg
  • Leipzig travel: one of the most spectacular day trips goes to Ferropolis (55km) where you can see huge coal mining machines

Old Town and nice nature around - attractions of Leipzig and travel destinations

The architecture of Leipzig Germany is rich in contrast, an interesting mix of historic, East German and modern buildings.

Attractions Leipzig, Völkerschlachtdenkmal

One of the attractions of Leipzig is the "Völkerschlachtdenkmal" . With a very good view over Leipzig Germany and a height of 91 meters.

It is the oldest trade fair town of the world and draws especially young people and tourists because of its great cultural scene and reputation as lively student town in East Germany.
Its pub crawl in the city center is unique. Here the bars, pubs and restaurants are lined up in a row and become the magnet for the so called Honky Tonk Pub Festival, which is the largest of its kind in Europe, even two times a year!

Pictures Leipzig, City

A unique motive is the colorful facade of "Cafe Riquet" in the center of Leipzig City

What makes Leipzig so special is that one third of the town is covered by green parks and forests leading directly through the city. So the forest Auenwald, Clara Zetkin Park and lots of lakes around offer great day trips for families. Many attractions of Leipzig can be discovered by boat, if you paddle along those nice canals you pass old villas, reconstructed fabric buildings and idyllic nature.

Go for a walk through the historic city center.
Start at the market with the Old Town Hall, stroll over the market Naschmarkt which is dominated by the Alte Börse (old trade house) and you come to the church Nikolaikirche. Here the peaceful revolution leading to the end of GDR began in 1989.

Shopping: Typical are the city's many shopping passages - the most beautiful one is the four-storey 140m long Mädler-Passage with the statues of Faust and Mephisto at Auerbachs Keller restaurant.
Additionally you could also have a look at the central station (the largest passenger terminus of Europe), which hosts more than 140 shops, most of them are even open Sundays.

Leipzig Germany, Specks Hof Passage

Specks Hof Passage is one of the most impressive passages of Leipzig Germany.

How about some interesting facts before you travel to Leipzig? Imagine, 350 years ago the first newspaper of the world was printed in Leipzig (200 exemplars)! Additionally, in Leipzig is the 2nd oldest university of Germany, founded after the one in Heidelberg, in 1409.

Leipzig Germany: Ideas for nice day trips and attractions around Leipzig

    Attractions Leipzig, Elster River

    Discover nice places and see why Leipzig is one of the greenest cities of Germany.

  • Cultural life: Leipzig is a mekka for culture lovers. Names like Felix Mendelssohn and J.S.Bach, who worked in the church Thomaskirche and is buried here, as well as the famous Thomas Choir, the Gewandhaus Concert Hall and the Opera house at square Augustusplatz are epitomes of the city.
  • Moritzbastei: it is the only remaining part of the city fortifications. Its impressive vaults, nowadays location for events and nightlife, were used as a huge student club in former times. Leipzig's famous students Leibnitz, Wagner, Schumann, Nietzsche, Lessing and Goethe surely would have loved it too ...
  • Leipzig Germany, pub

    Stylish pubs and restaurants are one of the attractions. Leipzig has its own culture of pubs and for us, Leipzig is the most typical East German city.

  • Travel with kids: there is another nice option besides the kayak tours. Former coal mining sites were closed and replaced by beautiful nature and lake districts around Leipzig city, e.g. lakes Cospudener See and Kulkwitzer See, great for relaxing and water sports.
  • The Völkerschlachtdenkmal is Europe's biggest monument and was built in 1913 to remind on the Battle of Nations, which took place 100 years before right here. It's amazing to climb the 364 steps to the viewing platform (91m).
  • Day trip Leipzig, Erfurt Dom

    Our tip for a day trip from Leipzig is Erfurt. The awesome ensemble of Erfurt Cathedral and St. Severi, with the biggest free swinging bell of Europe.

  • Leipzig travel around: How about day trips to the Old town of Erfurt (147km) and Goethe town Weimar (130km)? Or visit Dresden with the famous church Frauenkirche.
  • More day trips Leipzig Germany are: the World Heritage city Potsdam with the Sanssouci Palace 1.5 hours in the northern direction and the German Capital Berlin 2 hours away.

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Pictures Leipzig

pictures Leipzig

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