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Nature Germany

Nature Germany - Overview

Natural Environment - Nature in Germany

The scenery of the nature in Germany ranges from the awe-inspiring Alpine Foreland, providing a playground for hikers in summer and snowboarders in winter, down to the spotless stretches of golden sandy beaches at the Baltic Sea.

Walking trails take you through forests steeped in legends, over mystical high moorland and along unspoilt glacier lakes that create ideal habitats for rare flora and fauna. The nature of Germany offers you breathtaking cliffs, deeply carved valleys and gorges capture every nature lovers heart.

Climate and weather

Wine regions are blessed with lots of sunny days, while ski-resorts are packed with snow for sure. Temperatures from May to October are perfect for outdoor activities. But spring, impressing with trees full in blossom and the 'Golden autumn' are the times of thousands of colors. Enjoy the nature in Germany!


You got endless opportunities to enjoy the nature in Germany. Whether you relax in baroque parks and colorful gardens or explore the Nationalparks treasures. It's in either case the right decision.


Try your luck in the nature of Germany, to catch a glimpse of native species like seals, deer, wild boars, lynx or even wolfes in their natural habitats. Or just watch the spectacle when 50000 cranes come to Europe's biggest roost.

Geography and Geology

Germany - right in Europe's heart is bordered by nine states. Alps reaching the sky, glacial valleys with picturesque villages, bays and lagoons with old fisher towns draw tourists from around the globe. Explore the nature in Germany!


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