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  • Tourist Information am Hauptmarkt 18 Nuremberg Germany
  • For more pictures of Nuremberg click "PLAY" at the right side to start the slide show with attractions of Nuremberg
  • The Airport is easy reachable by underground train U2
  • Rock festival Rock im Park is one of the most famous events and takes place at the Dutzendteich in Nuremberg Germany
  • Courthouse of the Nuremberg Trials at Fürther Straße 110, access only on guided tours
  • Visit the Nuremburg Castle for an amazing view over the city

Attractions of Nuremberg like medieval Old Town with Nuremberg Castle and lots more

Nuremberg (Nürnberg) - that's with half a million inhabitants Bavaria's second largest city and ranks high among the world's most livable towns. It had always been a center of politics - in the Middle Ages it was preferred residence of German Emperors and later it became burdened by the legacy of the Nazis. Although bombed to rubble in WWII, the medieval city center with its main buildings had been reconstructed, using the original stone. Packed with sights Nuremberg is one of the biggest tourist draws today.

Nuremberg Germany, Castle

Sights Nuremberg: the Castle in the city center. It's one of the most taken pictures of Nuremberg

The main sights of Nuremberg, the churches like Sebaldus and St. Lorenz, romantic half-timbered houses in the castle quarter, cobblestoned squares and the majestic castle the "Kaiserburg" create a nice medieval atmosphere in the Old Town, which is almost completely surrounded by a five kilometers long historic city wall from the 15th/16th century.

attractions Nuremberg, Market

The main market with Church "Frauenkirche" and the tourist attraction of Nuremberg Germany "Schöner Brunnen"

The pulse of the city beats at the market square Hauptmarkt - that lively place is dominated by the beautiful Church Frauenkirche and the Gothic fountain Schöner Brunnen. In December it gets really crowded there, because then it's time for the world famous Christmas market the 'Christkindlesmarkt'!

For many people Nuremberg is most known for its specialities like those little sausages and gingerbread, but did you know that between Nuremberg and Fürth the first German railway line was opened in 1835? It was also home to some great personalities such as the poet Hans Sachs, the painter Albrecht Dürer, Martin Behaim who built the first Globus of the world here or Peter Henlein, who made the first pocket clock world wide.

Nuremberg Germany - Read about day trips and attractions in Nuremberg:

  • To the major sights of belongs the mighty Imperial Castle Kaiserburg, which was used between 1050 to 1571 by every emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Visit the residencial quarters, the Knights's Halls, the Romanesque chapel, the Deep Well, the Sinwell Tower (can be climbed!) and the castle museum.
  • Visit the Nazi party rally grounds, a huge site with monumental buildings where the Nazi party rallies were held and Hitler's troops had their parades. The never finished Congress Hall, known as Colosseum of Nuremberg, was meant to be the focal point at a planned size of 1,5 times the size of Rome's Colosseum, nowadays it houses the documentation center, where you can see many pictures of Nuremberg in the time of Nazis.
  • Nuremberg sights, Colosseum

    Sights: the huge Colosseum was built during the time of Nazis in Nuremberg Germany

  • Join a guided tour through the medieval dungeons (Lochgefängnisse) in the Old Town Hall or discover the subterranean warren of the Felsengänge with rock-cut beer cellars and World War II bunkers on a tour starting at Albrecht Dürer Platz
  • The wooden bridge Henkersteg, our title picture of Nuremberg at top, the Tiergärtnerplatz with the Dürerhaus, the municipal museum Fembohaus offering a multimedia show about the town, the New Museum and the Germanische Nationalmuseum.
    Not to forget on your tour: turn the golden ring at the Schöner Brunnen three times and any wish will come true! But attention there are two rings, the real and the ring for tourists!
  • The Zoo (Tiergarten) belongs definitely to the sights of Nuremberg. It's nicely landscaped and is one of the biggest zoos in Europe offering lots of fun for kids. As the toy city Nuremberg is renowned in the world for toy fairs, the toy museum is a must-see for children and for those who have remained so.
  • Nuremberg comes up with lots of parks and green spots along the river Pegnitz. Nice locations are the Wöhrder Wiese and the lake Wöhrder See or the Pegnitzgrund, offering nice options for cycling, skating or just relaxing in one of the many beer gardens.
  • Day trip Nuremberg, Erfurt Dom

    A nice day trip from Nuremberg Germany takes you in only 2,5 hours to the beautiful town Erfurt. The landmark of Erfurt is the impressive ensemble of cathedral and St. Severi.

  • Attractions around Nuremberg Germany: Rothenburg ob der Tauber is just about one hour away (104km), so head for that awesome medieval city or to Wurzburg on the Romantic Road. Another idea is to follow the Castle Road from Nuremberg Castle to the beautiful World Heritage city of Bamberg!

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Pictures Nuremberg, Museum

Sights Nuremberg: Germanisches Nationalmuseum, where you can get all information on history of the German Nation

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