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  • Tourist information located on Rathausplatz 4, Regensburg Germany
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  • Boat tours: Apr-Oct daily departure from bridge "Steinerne Brücke"
  • Day trips Regensburg Germany: make a nice trip to the Weltenburg monastery, where you can take a boat to the romantic Danube gorge near Kelheim

Historic Old Town of Regensburg belongs to the Unesco World Heritage

Regensburg is an often visited tourist destination as well as popular student city, which is romantically situated on the river Danube.

Regensburg Germany, Haidplatz

Haidplatz Regensburg Germany: take some time to relax in one of the street cafès and enjoy the special architecture

Fortunately the city was spared by the bombs of 2nd World War and though its Old Town is a unique ensemble worldwide, formed by almost a thousand historic buildings which are denoted as architectural monuments.

Attractions Regensburg, Cathedral

Attractions Regensburg: Pope Benedict XVI visited that church, which is the only gothic cathedral in Bavaria.

In 2006 the Old Town was named an Unesco World Heritage site. Landmark is the enormous Cathedral St. Peter with its 105 meters high towers - here you can listen to the famous choir of the "Regensburger Domspatzen" every Sunday in the Mass.

Enjoy its cosy flair - the traffic-reassuring old part of town with an enormous density of cafès and restaurants invites you to stroll through nice little alleys.

You pass numerous towers, symbols of that time, when that town belonged to the wealthiest metropolises of Europe. The most impressive one of these towers is the Golden Tower, which rises up to 50 m with nine floors.

For the most beautiful view on the attractions you should not miss the stone bridge "Steinerne Brücke". This 300 m long bridge is another landmark of Regensburg and is considered as a medieval building miracle. It is the oldest still working stone bridge of Germany.

Attractions Regensburg, Old Chapel

The old chapel "Alte Kappelle" is worth visiting. If you like to see more photos of Regensburg, click right on "PLAY"

A day trip to the Walhalla temple might be a great idea. Climb up the 358 steps for an impressing view over the Danube valley close to the town. The amazing "hall of the dead" was modeled on the Parthenon in Athens. Inside an impressive collection of marble busts honor outstanding German personalities.

Do you know the most famous honorary citizen of Regensburg? In 1969 he became professor, later even vice president of the University of Regensburg and in 2005 he was nominated as pope Benedikt XVI. - Joseph Alois Ratzinger.

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    Old stone bridge "Steinerne Brücke" spans the Danube with 16 arches and is part of the World Heritage of Regensburg Germany

  • Beside the Porta Nigra in Trier, Porta Praetoria in Regensburg is the largest still remaining Roman building construction in Germany. The former town gate from the year 179 is witness of its Roman past and belongs to the historical attractions.
  • World Heritage: in 2006 the Old Town of Regensburg was titled a World Heritage. To the most important attractions belong the square Haidplatz, the chapel am Alten Kornmarkt as well as the old city hall with the Reichstag museum.
  • Walhalla near Regensburg

    The Walhalla temple is 30 min away and a great place to visit, for example by boat

  • Visit the Princely House of Thurn and Taxis. Nowadays the baronial family is still living in parts of the palace, which can be seen on a guided tour.
  • Family activities: Make a beautiful cruise to the Walhalla near Donaustauf (10 km away). Departure is at the stone bridge, where you should try one of the famous sausages at the historical "Wurstkuchl".
  • day trip Regensburg, Nuremberg

    The old and wonderful city Nuremberg is one hour away from Regensburg. Nuremberg has a castle in the city centre and this bridge which is called "Henkersteg". You'll find the link below.

  • Make a day trip from Regensburg Germany to Nuremberg with its romantic Old Town, which is just one hour away or visit the World Heritage city Wurzburg.

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Photos Regensburg, Old stone Bridge

Old Stone Bridge - for more photos of Regensburg Germany click on "PLAY"

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