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Sanssoucci Palace Tips & Facts

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  • Entry to Sanssouci Palace only on a guided tour
  • Free entrance to Sanssouci Park, one of the famous sights
  • Chin.Teahouse in Sanssouci Palace park: May 15th-Oct 15th,Tue-Sun 10-5pm
  • New Palace: Sat-Tue 10-5pm, guided tours offered
  • Sadly, cycling is strictly prohibited in the park of Sanssouci Palace

Unesco World Heritage sights in Potsdam

Potsdam is famous for its Sanssouci palace but there is even more. Its charm is that it comes up with a great mix of countless historical sights and the great nature around. Also the Prussian rulers have been impressed by that city just next door to the metropolis Berlin. In the 17th century Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg started to create an unique cultural landscape with castles and parks representing the glory of Prussia. The town was expanded, representative buildings were constructed and Potsdam got its own nice flair. So for example the Dutch Quarter arose, former a settlement for dutch immigrants, today a special attraction for tourists. His son Friedrich II 'Frederick the Great' continued his work and started in 1745 his most famous creation - the park and palace of Potsdam Sanssouci. The palace with 12 glamorous rooms including a concert hall is located on top of a terraced vineyard, beautifully decorated in rococo style. He called it Sanssouci - in French "without worries" - because here he could leave the formalities of the royal court behind and had time for his hobbies music and philosophy.

Sanssouci Potsdam, Terraces of Sanssouci palace
The terraces of the Potsdam Sanssouci palace. Sanssouci - French "without worries" - is one of the famous sights of Potsdam
Frederick's preferences for different styles of architecture were fulfilled by the architect G.W.v. Knobelsdorff in the finest way. By the time the Sanssouci park was extended and buildings like the marvellous Chinese Tea House, the Orangerie Palace in renaissance style and one of the most imposing buildings, the New Palace in late-baroque architecture were added. It's a must to see those three peaces of art but remember to take a map along or you'll find yourself up the wrong path on almost every turn. The park is huge (e.g. 2km between Sanssouci Palace and New Palace!) but it's worth a walk passing fountains and many marble sculptures.

Sanssouci palace park, Teahouse Potsdam Sights
One of the nicest places in the park is the Tea House. One of the most taken pictures of Sanssouci Palace
Over three centuries Potsdam was beautified and almost all sights were granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1990. That includes the Sanssouci Park, New Garden with Cecilienhof, Babelsberg and Glienicke with their castles, the wonderful Peacock Island (Pfaueninsel) and also the palace and park of Sacrow with its Church of the Redeemer (Heilandskirche). In 1999 fourteen further places were included, among them are the Russian colony Alexandrovka, the Pfingstberg hill with the Belvedere Palace and the astronomical observatory (Sternwarte) in the Babelsberg Park of Potsdam, not far from Sanssouci Palace.

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Pictures Potsdam Sanssouci Potsdam Sights Waterwork - Mosque
Looks like a Mosque, but it's a waterwork for the Sanssouci Palace, right in the city centre of Potsdam

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