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Stralsund Germany - Hanseatic City on the Baltic Sea

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  • Stralsund Germany tourist information: Alter Markt 9, 18439 Stralsund Germany, open Mon-Fri 9-7pm
  • One Oceanographic Museum Stralsund Germany is open Jun–Sep daily 10-6pm,Oct–May daily 10-5pm, one of Stralsund sights
  • At the Stralsund port you find the 'Gorch fock', the tall ship which countersank in World War II,, one of Stralsund sights
  • Sights of Stralsund Germany: Make a train tour (May-Sep) through Stralsund city including Neuer Markt, Alter Markt and ferry terminal
  • Historic centres of Wismar and Stralsund Germany were together added to World Heritage List in 2002

Sights Stralsund in Germany, historical city & World Heritage of Stralsund

Stralsund sights town hall - Stralsund Germany
One of Stralsund sights is the town hall one part of the World Heritage Stralsund Germany

Stralsund in Germany - the medieval town in Northern Germany attracts its visitors with an historical city centre which reminds on the time after the Thirty year's war when Stralsund in Germany has been under Swedish control. Imposing churches and great houses of typical red brick gothic gabled architecture let you imagine how powerful Stralsund was once as a member of the Hanseatic League.

The Altstadt (Old town) of Stralsund Germany which became UNESCO World Heritage in 2002, is effectively on its own island, surrounded by lakes and the Baltic Sea. The very heart of Stralsund in Germany is Alter Markt (Old Market Square) with the 13th century Rathaus (Town Hall), famous for its distinctive arcades. Start here for a nice city sightsseeing tour to see the gates at the amazing city's wall and sights like Church St.Nikolai, the Gothic Wulflamhaus and the Baroque Commandantenhaus, seat of the old Swedish command headquarters. A visit to Stralsund would not be complete without a trip to the harbour - old brick warehouses, the obligatory waterside bars and restaurants and even a theatre which gives performances in the summer - that all make the harbour of Stralsund Germany a real attraction.

Stralsund Germany - sights, activities, attractions and day trips Stralsund:

    Stralsund Sights Street- Stralsund Germany
    Stralsund sights - Walk trough the old streets and find your personal Stralsund Germany
  • Stralsund Germany with kids: Excursion to the Oceanographic Museum (Meeresmuseum), the largest museum of natural science in North Germany located in an 13th century gothic monastery
  • Visit the impressing churches in Stralsund Germany like the huge Church St.Nikolai (Nikolaikirche) with art treasures inside or the Church St.Mary (Marienkirche) at the New Market which is another superb example of North German brick construction
  • Sights Stralsund Germany & Stralsund day trips: Ferries go regularly from the port of Stralsund to the islands of Rugen (Rügen) and Hiddensee, both popular destinations for nature lovers
  • Stralsund Germany - day trips to other hanseatic cities could include Greifswald, Rostock, Lübeck and especially Wismar which has been together nominated with Stralsund World Heritage
  • Stralsund Germany in case of bad weather: Go to the Hansedom, an unique thermal wellness and fun pool center for sport, fitness, wellness and health
Sights Stralsund Germany - Chalk Cliffs Jasmund National Park
Sights Stralsund: the wonderful chalk cliffs in Jasmund National Park 1 hour away from Stralsund Germany
The hanseatic town of Stralsund Germany is called 'The Gate to Rugen Island' - reach Rugen Island over the Rugendamm (built 1936), the causeway across the Strelasund channel or just take a ferry to get to the Jasmund National Park in Rugen, a beautiful peace of nature just next to Stralsund Germany.

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Stralsund Germany sights Stralsund Harbour
The harbour of Stralsund is one of Stralsund sights

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Stralsund Germany Map