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  • Tourist information: Theaterplatz Weimar Germany
  • Attractions Weimar: Concentration Camp and Buchenwald Memorial on Ettersberg hill is 10km from Weimar Germany away
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  • World Heritage attractions: Goethe and Schiller were interred in the Fürstengruft at historic cemetery along with Duke Carl August
  • After a big fire the Anna-Amalia-Library was restored again, including its famous Rococo Room
  • Anna Amalia Library: please reserve tickets for visting the Anna Amalia Library, Hotline:

Attractions of Weimar - on the traces of Goethe and Schiller

Most attractions of Weimar are closely connected with famous names like Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Nietzsche and many more, who all made Weimar Germany their home.
That little World Heritage town with about 60.000 inhabitants is just a stone's throw away from Erfurt.
As center of art and culture it was titled culture capital of Europe in 1999. Almost all sights are within walking distance, what makes the city easy to explore.

Weimar Germany, National Theater

The National Theater with the statue of Goethe and Schiller is one of the most taken photos of Weimar

Nowadays all attractions make up a great mix of interesting, restored architecture, parks, gardens and numerous cultural monuments which are densely packed together - although the city center was terribly devastated by bomb attacks in World War II.

The history of Weimar Germany is world-famous well. The National Theater was the place, where Germany's first republican constitution was drafted in 1919 - the Weimar Republic.
Another important event was the foundation of Bauhaus school and movement in 1919 by Walter Gropius, who drew as director of Bauhaus school top artists like Feininger, Klee and Kandinsky to Weimar.

attractions Weimar, Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle: This attraction of Weimar Germany is part of the World Heritage

Fans of castles will also find famous attractions for their taste - there is Anna Amalia's 18th century Tiefurt Castle surrounded by a nice english-style garden outside the city. But more famous is the lovely Belvedere Castle, that you can easily reach by car or by foot. It is a nice 4 km walk from the city's center through the Goethe park. Then you reach the former hunting palace which is surrounded by a nice park - Belvedere castle belongs to the World Heritage.

Weimar Germany - ideas for day trips

    Weimar Germany, Anna Amailia Library

    Anna Amalia Library belongs to the World Heritage and is one of the main attractions. If you like to see this from inside, please reserve tickets: +49-3643-545-401

  • Walk from the Goethe square with the old tower Kasseturm to the famous Goethe-Schiller-statue in front of the German National Theater. Also look at the biggest church St.Peter and Paul (Herder church), where the philosopher Herder worked as court preacher and Bach as organist.
  • Day trips Weimar: You shouldn't miss the Town's Castle (Stadtschloss) with collections and exhibitions or the baroque church St.Jacob, where Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Christiane Vulpius were married.
  • photos Weimar, Park on Ilm

    The romanticism of Weimar and of these times, you can feel it best in the Park on Ilm river. Discover sights like the Garden House of Goethe, the Roman House etc. and take there your personal romantic photos of Weimar.

  • Follow the Goethe traces to the Goethe house, where he has been living from 1775 until his death in 1882, then pass the Goethe-Schiller-Archive (with Goethe's hand-written estate) to the famous Goethe Garden house in the wide Ilmpark, which is on top of the "must do things".
  • Don't miss Schiller house, where Goethe's closest friend Friedrich Schiller has been living from 1799 to 1805. Beside the death bed you can see his working desk, where he penned Wilhelm Tell and other works.
  • day trip Weimar Germany, Erfurt Dom

    Day trip Weimar Germany: in Erfurt Martin Luther entered the convent, was ordained as a priest and taught at the university

  • Day trips from Weimar Germany: Take some time for a day trip to the bigger city of Erfurt (20 km) with its beautiful old town. Another destination could be Eisenach with the World Heritage Wartburg Castle, reachable in less than one hour from the attractions of Weimar.

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Photos Weimar Germany

Photos Weimar Germany

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