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  • Wismar Germany tourist information: Am Markt 11, 23966 Wismar; open 9-6pm daily
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  • Distances from Wismar Germany: 60km to Lübeck, 53km to Rostock, 152km to Stralsund
  • Wismar has got nice shopping opportunities as many streets belong to the traffic free shopping zone
  • Historic centres of Wismar and Stralsund were together added to World Heritage List in 2002
  • Sights Wismar Germany harbour: good for campervan overnight stayings
  • Sights Wismar Germany: the historical museum can be found in the Renaissance house Schabbelhaus

Sights Wismar Germany & World Heritage - old town and churches

Wismar Germany sights Wismar St. Georgen -
Sights Wismar Germany: St. Georgen, this church was destroyed in World War II. Today the town collects money for the reconstruction of that huge and impressive Church St. Georgen.

Wismar, the nice town in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania with a port on the Baltic Sea was once a powerful member of the Hanseatic Trading League in the 14th and 15th century. The later occupation of Wismar through the Swedes for about 200 years until 1903 had strong influences on architecture and style of the city. From lovely buildings in hanseatic gothik brick style to Swedish gable houses - nowadays the traces of the Swedish control can be found everywhere in the historical old town centre of Wismar Germany.

Four wonderful churches are the landmarks of Wismar in Germany, remarkable is the large red brick cathedral of St. Nikolai, one of the biggest churches in Europe. Tourists enjoy the small city charm of Wismar in Germany which was added onto the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for its brick constructions and churches. Highlights of Wismar include the huge market sqare with the Dutch Renaissance style pavilion called Wasserkunst and the buildings around like the neoclassical Town Hall and the restaurant Old Swede (Alter Schwede) built in 1380. From there it's a nice walk through the twisting streets of the Wismar Altstadt which once was the backdrop for the vampire film "Nosferatu". The seafront area is absolutely worth seeing with old buildings and a fish market giving a flair of the old days of seafaring.

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Wismar Germany - sights, activities and attractions Wismar:

    Wismar Germany sights Wismar Wassertor -
    The Wassertor was built in the Middle Ages, it is located near to Wismar harbour and one of the most taken pictures of Wismar
  • Sights Wismar port: Tours of "Weiße Flotte" operate from Alter Hafen to Poel Island once a day - good spot for cycling, windsurfing, fishing and horse ridings;
    Wismar port attractions are the water gate (Wassertor) and the "Schwedenköpfe" in front of the Baumhaus
  • See the wonderful sand beaches on the Baltic Sea like Bath Rerik, Bath Kühlungsborn as well as the Wohlenberger Wiek
  • Day trips Wismar Germany: visit world heritage Lübeck (67 km) and Stralsund (152 km)
  • Visit Wismar's churches, that were badly damaged in World War II: St. Georg's Church (St.Georgen Kirche), St.Mary's Church (St.Marien Kirche) where only the 80m high tower is left and Church Heilig Geist Kirche
  • A Wismar highlight for kids is the zoological garden of Wismar with petting zoo, adventure place and a children's tram
  • Wismar is just 152km away from the bigger hanseatic town of Stralsund, an attractive historic city. From there you reach the Rugen Island over the dam Rugen Damm - it's worth going to Stralsund, less than two hours to drive by car from Wismar Germany.

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Pictures Wismar Germany - Wismar Wasserkunst
Wismar Wasserkunst is one of the most taken pictures of Wismar. Wasserkunst is located on the Market Place Wismar Germany

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