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  • Opening hours Wurzburg Residence: Apr-Oct 9-6pm, Nov-Mar 10-4.30pm
  • Events: Mozart Festival every year in June
  • Wurzburg tourism information: can be found Am Congress Centrum, Wurzburg Germany

The Residence in Wurzburg - An Baroque masterpiece

For people traveling the Romantic Road, the Wurzburg Residence (Würzburger Residenz) is for sure one of the essentials to visit. Once this palace served as home for powerful prince-bishops of the Schönborn family, today the it attracts visitors as famous World Heritage site.

Wurzburg Residence Fresco
Wurzburg Residence: The world's largest ceiling fresco (677 square meters)

In 1981 the Palace with the beautiful Court Gardens and Residence Square was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, said to be the most homogeneous and the most extraordinary of Baroque palaces.
Under the direction of the architect Balthasar Neumann that three winged palace containing over 300 Baroque and Rococo rooms was built from 1720-1744.

Sadly, the building was terribly damaged by the bombs in World War II. Today, after reconstruction works the marvelous decorated palace's interior is open to public whereas the Imperial Hall and the Hall of Mirrors are the most spectacular rooms.
A must-see is the entrance staircase - said to be the most beautiful staircase world wide. Above that, the world's largest ceiling fresco (677 square meters) from the Venetian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo can be found.
Don't forget to look at the Court Chapel, which can be entered separately from the Residence Square! Its amazing decoration of the interior makes it to one of the finest examples of religious art in Wurzburg.

Wurzburg Residence Church
Pictures Wurzburg Residence: The Court Chapel

To stroll through The Court Garden called Hofgarten is also among people who live in Wurzburg an often choosen destination - a nice place to relax or to just to sit in the beer garden at the entrance to the garden.

If you are a fan of classical music you should plan your Wurzburg stay for June, because that's the time for the annual Mozart Festival taking place at the Wurzburg Residence and its extensive Court gardens.

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Pictures Wurzburg Residence

Pictures Wurzburg Residence
The beautiful garden of the Wurzburg Residence

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